Samsung has finally announced its Galaxy Gear smart watch. It'll probably pave the way for an entirely new product category.

Here's how it'll look like on your hand:

Look and Feel

The Galaxy Gear is bigger than most watches. It feels like a tiny, flat smartphone slapped onto your wrist. Sporting a 320 x 320 pixel, 1.63 inch AMOLED touchscreen, it's menus are crisp though colored images don't exactly stand out.

There's a camera located on the wristband, and the home button is on the right side of the device. Not a lot of clutter we would say.

It doesn't look too bad, in fact, it's quite wearable, but how does it fair as a smartwatch?

Features, Apps and Performance

The smartwatch is not a replacement for your smartphone. It's just a companion that connects to your device via Bluetooth and extends its functionality making it less necessary to reach for your phone in your pocket.

Some features are worth mentioning, like the Memographer, which takes photos and videos from your wrist, like a spy! It's also got a pedometer and tracks your physical activities too.

Apps like runKeeper, Tripit, Evernote, Vivino, eBay and Path are all available at launch, making the Gear more interesting.

As for performance, it's only sporting 512MB of RAM and has an 800MHz processor. We're sure this will get better with newer and later releases in the future.

The Gear is priced at $299. It's too early to tell, but for that amount of money, the Gear feels just a little bit unpolished.

Check out a video from Mashable:

And a video from Gizmodo: